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 The Nursery is Open all this week

from Tuesday 25th to Sunday 30th April The recent floods caused considerable damage to the nursery and a lot of plants were lost or damaged. The ongoing repairs continue and I’d like to.

Thank You All

for helping and supporting,

in this time of need.

The nursery will take time to fully restore and things will be back to normal soon.

All our frangipani lines are available and, “it’s business as usual”

Call 0425 275 757 for Appointments

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Evergreens For Sale…

Plumeria Obtusa aka Singapore White

The most sought after of all frangipanis, with glossy dark green rounded leaves. Beautifully scented large white flowers with yellow centres, in large tight upright bouquets, for most of the year. Flowers best in full sun. Loved for the pronounced gnarly branching habit. 8 metres in the tropics and 4 metres in the southern states. Plant in a protected sunny location in frost zones. Very drought tolerant. Great for landscape and as potted features.

Plumeria Obtusa Darwin Petite Pink

A true Dwarf Obtusa Evergreen. Darwin Petite Pink is a Dwarf hybrid of the Singapore Evergreen. With generous bouquets of scented pink flowers, much smaller Obtuse-shaped glossy leaves and tight bonsai like, branching growth habit, up to 1.5 metre tall in southern states. Perfect as a feature in any garden, in a pot on any patio or deck. Plant in a protected sunny location in frost zones. Pot friendly, very drought tolerant.

Plumeria Pudica Everlasting Love aka Hammerhead

A Semi-Dwarf Evergreen Frangipani originating in Venezuela it has spoon shaped leaves. Flowers profusely with beautiful soft white flower with star shaped petals. Flowering for 9 months a year. The Pudica grows like a shrub 3-4 metres tall and is perfect for screening, hedging and pot friendly. An amazing feature in any garden landscape. Plant in a protected sunny location in frost zones. Pot friendly, very drought tolerant and totally “Rust Proof”.

Plumeria Pudica Pink

Pink Pudica is a fabulous new, evergreen, semi dwarf hybrid of Plumeria Pudica which is perfect for landscaping hedges, fences, screening and large feature pots. Pink Pudica has beautifully perfumed flowers, a very long flowering season and is more cold tolerant than most frangipanis. Large flowers in bunches are very pale pink with thin line of darker pink around edge of petals, the pink flower colour is darker and presents with random pink splats when grown in semi shade. “This Pudica is Not Rust Proof”.