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Postal Orders…



No plants dispatched internationally.

No plants to Western Australia, South Australia, or Tasmania(coming soon).

Pick up is available for local orders from the Nursery.

You can also send your own courier to pick up from the nursery and deliver to you.

Shipping is “Free” by “Express Post” (we are trailing this).

Guaranteeing that your frangipanis will not suffer from being packed in for extended periods.

Frangipani Orders

Minimum order is $300 includes “Free Shipping”.

When your order has been Confirmed and Paid. Your frangipanis will travel by “Express Post”

If you wish to place an order, Please do so via the Submit Form below.

Include your full name, delivery address and phone contact number.

We will then confirm by emailing you an invoice and bank details for payment.

Orders are dispatched early in each week following confirmation of payment of order.

We do not sell Cuttings, Strikes or Seeds.

Our plants are Fully Rooted, Living specimens, currently in 200mm pots.


Your frangipanis will be removed from their pots, defoliated, the soil is washed from the roots and

they are sent bare rooted, in bags with Sphagnum moss to protect the roots.

Then wrapped in paper and secured inside shipping cartons or postal tubes.

You are the Parent

We recommend that you open your order and prepare them for planting, as soon as you receive it.

They are your responsibility.

Enter CAPTCHA solution
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Postal Varieties Frangipani Price List

Please Note: Postage is Free.

LuLu     $45.00            

LuLu’s Blood     $40.00

George Brown aka Musk Rainbow     $40.00

Kauka Wilder aka Tequila Sunrise     $40.00

Cooktown Sunset aka Darwin Tricolour     $40.00

Heidi     $35.00

India     $35.00

Thai Beauty     $35.00

Kimo     $40.00

Darwin Blood    $40.00

Bloodsun     $35.00

Darwin Yellow aka Bowen Yellow aka Pavlova Passion     $35.00

Obtusa Singapore White Evergreen     $30.00

Obtusa Darwin Petite Pink     $40.00

Darwin Sunset     $35.00

Cherry Clusters aka Dwarf Watermelon     $40.00

HiLo Beauty     $80.00

Cooktown Sunset aka Tricolour

Please Submit your Order Request Here

Note: The current service will be revised in October and we will be posting multiple and single numbers of frangipanis.