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Frangipanis as a rule do not suffer from many pests or diseases.          
However, a relatively recently introduced disease, Frangipani Rust, is caused by the fungus Coleosporium plumeriae Syn. C. Domingense. It looks like a “Rusty” powder on the underside of the leaves, to begin, then the leaves turn brown and die off. Leaving the trees in an unsightly looking state, with reduced flowering.
Researchers have traced the course of the Rust, it appears to have originated from Hawaii and has affected frangipanis in every state of Australia. Rust treatments are available at most Garden Centres.                                                                                       

The Only Effective way to treat and protect your frangipanis is by Preventative treatment.  

In the 2015/2016 season wanting to try an Organic solution for the Rust, we successfully trialed a combination of Neem Oil Concentate and Eco-Carb/Fungicide, which we have found to be the best of all the products previously tried. Both are totally organic and are highly compatible with each other. Both have properties that protect and enhance the health of all the plants here, not just the Frangipanis. It’s excellent for your whole garden, and there is no “Withholding Period” on fruit n’ vegetables. We still needed a Miticide, and a good foliar feed.

Enter the Organic Crop Protectants, OCP, their information and advice has proven to be invaluable,               Toll Free information line: 1800 634 204

So now for Total Pest & Disease Control on our trees, we spray with the following products:

For RUST: Neem-Oil, improved plant health, anti-fungal properties, ability to control hard to kill sucking and  chewing insects, mixed with Eco-fungicide, to control a range of fungal diseases.

The recommended rate of dosage is 6 ml of Neem per 1 litre of water, 3 grams of Eco-Fungicide per 1 litre of water.

For common pests: Eco-oil, to control common pests and help the solution stick to the waxy foliage better, mixed with Eco-Seaweed powder, to boost potassium levels and stimulate stronger healthier plants.

The recommended rate of dosage is 3ml of Echo-Oil per 1 litre of water, and, 1 gram of Eco-Seaweed per 1 litre of water. Only when infestations are present.


Products are applied every 1-2-3 weeks depending on weather and disease levels.  We are very happy with the results and especially like that these products are Certified Organic.  The spray is safe for bees and other beneficial insects. Remember to use any spray straight away – don’t store them but the good thing is these mixture can be used on any plant including lawns.

  Always use the solutions within 3-4 hours of mixing. You must not spray when too windy, or, the temperature is over 28degrees Celcius due to evaporation and wastage. Spray evenlyly under and over the leaves every 1-3 weeks to start with, from the beginning of spring, more regularly if infestations present themselves. It will not burn the open flowers at all :) :) :) And, you should not have to remove any infected leaves, they will clear up the spores or drop the worst leaves (all spores will be dead). Spray evenly under and over the leaves, keep it up on a weekly basis. As use continues the resistance to rust increases. Remember the rust is floating in on the wind.

We have found theTotal Organic treatment works best and safest of all.

Proper “Preventative” treatment will easily keep your trees looking great all season, and some!!!!

The Neem Oil Concentrate is sourced locally from SoiLife Australia, based in Murwillumbah 02 6672 5309

The Eco-Range also can be sourced from Green Harvest 1800 681 014, all suppliers are reliable and very well priced.

The full range of Eco products can be sourced from OCP, Organic Crop Protectants

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